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Keshet International To Bring Hit Teen And Kids Series To The Global Market

MediaInfoline March 23, 2017

Global production and distribution powerhouse Keshet International (KI) and Ananey Communications Group, which represents the Viacom brands Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., MTV and Comedy Central in Israel, have partnered to bring teens’, tweens’ and kids’ series to the global market in KI’s first foray into the genre.

Alongside its subsidiary Nutz Productions, Ananey has created some of Israel’s biggest kids TV hits airing on Nickelodeon, including the award-winning daily live-action teen drama The Greenhouse, an English language version of which, entitled Greenhouse Academy, has become the first Israeli original commissioned by NETFLIX. Greenhouse Academy is produced by Nutz productions for the global streaming platform and is due to launch later this year, KI will hold worldwide second-window distribution rights.

Among other series launching in Cannes internationally as part of the new wide-ranging, long-term relationship between KI and Israel’s largest multichannel group are two daily live-action teen dramas, The Hood and the fantastical suspense series Spell Keepers as well as the kids’ comedy Bed & Biscuit.

Keshet International CEO Alon Shtruzman said, “We are incredibly fortunate and honored to be partnering with one of the most reputable and outstanding providers of kids’ content in the business. We look forward to doing great things together in the future, as KI expands and diversifies into the business of kid’s distribution and production.”

Ananey Communications Group Co-CEO, Orly Atlas-Katz, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with KI and together raising further global exposure and awareness in the international market to our award winning kids and teens content”.


Descriptions of the series follow:


  • After losing their mother in a spaceship crash, a brother and sister arrive at an elite boarding school for gifted future leaders: The Greenhouse (22 x 175). They join two competing houses within the school. Soon, mysterious developments draw the rival houses into a secret investigation that exposes a destructive plot. Only by joining forces can they save the world from a disaster. As they fight against evil, the heroes of The Greenhouse also cope with typical teen struggles such as love, friendship, competition and betrayal, all in a unique world which appeals to anyone who loved Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and the Divergent trilogy.


  • Spell Keepers (22 x 50) is an exciting, mysterious and fantastical suspense series focusing on two strong and determined girl heroines – Kirki and Layla, each of whom have set out to perform their crucial roles in the world. As they strive to save humanity, they must choose between their own personal happiness and fulfilling their destinies, while facing an inevitable collision between good and evil. Spell Keepers was created & written by the renowned kids’ writer Michal Cooper Keren, (Summer Break Stories, North Star), Sivan Shiknaji, Einat Shahak and aired on Nickelodeon Israel exclusively on ‘yes’ DBS.


  • In the middle of a rich town lies The Hood (22 x 100), a dingy cluster of low-income housing where modest, blue-collar families live. One such family is the David’s. Dad Ben is a widower who struggles to support his five kids but after a string of failed businesses Ben is on the verge bankruptcy, and possibly prison. Making things even worse is the mayor, who is constantly trying to get rid of The Hood altogether. The Hood is a daily drama that skillfully combines edgy class struggles with suspenseful action and big doses of fun.


  • Bed & Biscuit is a sitcom for kids, which takes place in a family-run boarding kennel for dogs in a small village in Israel. Moti is a mediocre lawyer who has had enough of the big city and wants to live a simpler life and spend more time with his only daughter Sarah. Together, the energetic father and smart and funny daughter, make the move into the country and run their family business – a dog kennel. In their new place they meet some wonderful friends such as Claudia, the voluptuous dog groomer, her son Royo, a young, charismatic, high tempered boy and a goofy girl named TomTom, and experience an insane rivalry with Jacky, the annoying neighbor.



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