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Kriti Sanon tells you how to take a hair care challenge!

MediaInfoline October 3, 2018

Bollywood actor Kriti Sanon who kickstarted a new challenge for her online girl tribe. Unlike any other usual challenge, this time Kriti Sanon has unveiled the secret to her gorgeous hair and is challenging other girls to take up the challenge and see the difference for themselves.

Kriti rolled out the challenge by tagging her effervescent younger sister Nupur Sanon. The move by the pretty Sanon sisters has already set the internet buzzing.

Well aware of the sibling love and the bond the two sisters share, we are excited to see them doing something together again. Just a while ago, the two had shot for an ad film together, giving us all major sibling love goals.

What’s more exciting this time is that Kriti is not only throwing a challenge but also sharing her hair care secret with us. She has always talked about how she believes in oiling as a pre-shampoo ritual. This time as well, she has shared her hair care routine with us and has asked her followers to follow the same and see the difference for themselves. While we all are aware of the benefits of oiling hair with coconut based hair oil, it’s great to hear that celebrities like Kriti Sanon too, despite her busy schedule, makes it a point to express some deep love to her hair by oiling regularly before washing it.

Nupur too has taken the challenge head on, stating how she is a firm believer in indulging in some Shampoo Ki Tayyari by oiling her hair with the trusted Parachute Advansed Coconut Hair oil before washing her hair. She has further nominated her girl gang friends Sargun Mehta and Abigail Pandey to take up the Shampoo Ki Tayyari challenge!

Taking on Nupur’s challenge, mega TV stars like Sargun Mehta and Abigail Pande have also taken up this challenge. Both Sargun and Abigail posted their take on the challenge earlier today and have shared the secrets on their gorgeous hair. Sargun, who is currently shooting for her upcoming movie in Amritsar, couldn’t stop gushing about her soft and nourished hair. In her video, Sargun is also breaking myths about hair care routine being tedious. Abigail also took on Nupur Sanon’s challenge head on and has tackled the dryness and roughness in her hair and has vowed to never skipping her shampoo ki tayyari.

Our take, we are always up for a challenge but to add to that tinsel town divas revealing their real hair care secrets with a dash of fun – Wins our vote too!


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