Just say ‘Hi’ to McDonald’s on WhatsApp to order your food

Just say 'Hi' to McDonald's on WhatsApp to order food

For the foodies in Northern and Eastern India, McDonald’s is making the entire process of ordering food super easy. The brand has launched a new feature to its food ordering process, which is McDonald’s on WhatsApp where customers can order food just by saying a ‘Hi’ to 9953916666 and follow a few quick steps to get the food delivered at their doorsteps.

After messaging a ‘Hi’ to McDonald’s Whatsapp number the menu link will appear. And, after opening the link customers can place choose their desired food from the easy and smooth interface. After selecting the items the customers will be asked to provide a few of their basic details such as delivery address and Whatsapp number. An invoice will be sent to the customer’s Whatsapp number once the order is confirmed.

As of now, this option is available in Delhi NCR. McDonald’s on WhatsApp is a part of the brand’s initiative for providing convenience and comfort to its customers. And, it is also an extension of 100% No Contact Delivery under which the customers have to walk into the McDonald’s outlet and scan the QR code to see the restaurant’s menu and select their contactless takeaway or dining-in service.

McDonald’s restaurants in Northern and Eastern India are operated by Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. McDonald’s is known for its quality restaurant service and variety of menu options that are made with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant chain operates over 150 restaurants, serving millions of customers, and provides employment to more than 5000 people, in North and East India alone. McDonald’s operates in various models such as Drive-thru’s, standalone restaurants, McDelivery, 24/7 restaurants, based on a customer-centric approach. 

McDonald’s was founded in the year 1940 by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California, United States. The chain was later purchased by a businessman Ray Kroc in 1955.

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