Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough Releases Third EP “Freaks Love Freaks”

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Scarborough, also known as Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, released his new EP, Freaks Love Freaks, today. Freaks Love Freaks is Scarborough’s third EP to date, following his latest, politically charged EP, Welcome To The Monkey House, and a captivating performance on “The View”. The up-tempo rock album is written and arranged by Joe Scarborough and produced by Joe Scarborough, Nicholas Wells, and Mikhail Pivovarov. The award-winning television personality will release original music over the next several years. Freaks Love Freaks is available for streaming and purchase now.

On his new EP, Scarborough says, “Releasing a new EP every month is exciting for a lot of reasons. But it’s especially great for the band because it keeps us recording, writing and developing our sound on a nonstop, almost hourly basis. There’s no time to rest and we love every second of it!

Maybe that’s why “Freaks Love Freaks is my favorite EP yet. The music has a sharper edge to it and the lyrics are more personal. 

Forget about ‘Let’s Fall In Love’ from the first EP. Mika and my friends will think “Freaks Love Freaks” is the Scarborough song that relates to us the most. Even comes complete with a reference to TMZ!

I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as we loved writing, recording and performing them. Until next month…”

On Wednesday, Scarborough held an intimate EP release party at The Cutting Room in New York City – continuing what is turning into a monthly residency around the release of each new EP.

Scarborough is nothing short of prolific, with plans of releasing 200 original songs over the coming years as part of a deal with Sony/RED MUSIC, all while hosting “Morning Joe”–one of the most important political shows on American television, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month–and writing a regular column for the Washington Post.

His band has played regular electrifying shows in standing-room only club settings in Scarborough’s Upper Westside neighborhood, compelling him to double down on his music mission. In late June, Scarborough performed cuts off his debut EP, Mystified, at The Cutting Room in New York City, cementing his musical debut. After listening to Scarborough’s first two EPs, and the new EP Freaks Love Freaks, you will find yourself agreeing with Billboard that Scarborough does, indeed, have chops. And, if you catch Scarborough live, you may understand why he is this year’s most surprising debut artist.

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