ZEE5 Global celebrates South Asia in its new global campaign; invites you to experience Stories from our world

ZEE5 laucnhes Welcome to South Asia: Stories from our world

The world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content,  ZEE5 Global launched its global brand campaign Welcome to South Asia: Stories from our world capturing the endlessly intriguing reality conundrum that is South Asia. 

Welcome to South Asia: Stories from our world is ZEE5’s promise to represent South Asia’s unimaginably cool realities and stories far distinguished from the mundane. The campaign gives a 360-degree ringside view into how South Asia’s 5000-year-old legacy of history, stories, language, travels, wars and more collides with new progress narratives, building out amazing realities that lock in inspiring and unlikely heroes. 

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global, said, “What we’ve done at ZEE5 is quite unparalleled. We’ve taken the largest library of Indian content across languages and added in the largest library of Pakistani shows and Originals as also Bangladeshi Originals, and we are taking this across the entire globe. With a staggering 130,000 hours of content, ZEE5 is today the only platform to bring the extraordinary realities of South Asia alive through even more extraordinary stories in a single destination, and that makes it the foremost platform for South Asian stories globally. It is this new South Asia narrative that we looked for the campaign to convey, and it captures that perfectly through visually stunning depictions of the music, cinematography, drama and more that make up the daily lives of people in South Asia.”

Amit Akali, CCO and Co-Founder, Wondrlab adds“Very rarely do we get to create a campaign that literally the world will see. What makes ZEE5 stand apart for the international target audience is that it’s truly a reflection of our region – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and has unique content and stories from our part of the world. All around the world, people are embracing content from outside of their geography, in fact, hungry for it. And because content is only a reflection of our reality, we have some truly unique stories to share. We wanted to bring out this uniqueness of the region, and does that of ZEE5, with the aim of being the custodian of content from this part of the world. Which ZEE5 truly is – if you see the bank of content from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it’s unparalleled.” 

Watch the campaign here.

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