History TV18 “Indian Army 24 Hours” Shows the Real Life of Indian Army


This Wednesday, you are going to witness the epic tale of the Indian army. Right from the grueling desert storms of Rajasthan to the fierce freezing glaciers of Siachen, the tale of their indomitable spirit will be displayed in HistoryTV18 new documentary film “Indian Army 24 Hours” which will be telecasted on the channel on 18th November at 9 pm.

Chronicling the tale of guarding the borders of India through extreme climatic conditions and amidst regular ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts from across the border, the film provides a rare glimpse of the Indian soldiers in difficult outpost situations.

Avinash Kaul, Managing Director A+E Networks | TV18 and CEO-Broadcast for Network18, said, “Indian Army 24 Hours is a must-watch for anyone curious about or fascinated by the Indian Army. This film is the story of the soldiers of our army and showcases their bravery, effectiveness and unwavering commitment to the defence of our nation and way of life. HistoryTV18 is honoured to have made this film with the support of the Indian Army. We hope that the film inspires in our audience the same sense of pride and admiration for our true heroes that we felt in making it.”

A Day in Indian Army’s Life

With special access to military personnel and systems, HistoryTV18 brings you glimpses of an action-packed 24 hours with the defenders of India. The film follows a 24hour clock to chronicle a day’s task in a soldier’s life by real time tracking of every event that unfolds on that day. 

In an hour, you get a thorough glimpse of 24 hours life of an Indian soldier in this well researched and narrated film. 

Watch the promo here.

It’s a minute by minute account of combat to battle the enemies and remain vigilant.

Real Time Chronicling

Featuring power-packed real-life action sequences and dramatic recreations of battle-scenarios, the show takes viewers into the thick of military operations and soils the narrative with little-known historical facts about the Indian Army, spotlights some of its greatest battle honours and sheds light on the functioning of various units, intercut with interviews of dynamic young officers of the Indian Army.

The film also makes a deliberate attempt at explaining the various operative challenges faced by the army. From Bofors artillery unit to Siachen to Military Academy it’s all inclusive narrative of how all wings act in co-ordination to do the work of protecting the borders of the country

The film starts with the midnight border patroling at LoC followed by a commando raid in the enemy lines which finally proceeds to neutralisation of 2 terrorist targets by Paratrooper Special Forces. As soon as the dawn breaks, the situation changes to daily hassles of gunfires and explosions that happen in the Barracks and the audience gets to know the actual process of intelligence gathering and reporting. 

Keeping the Army on Foot

We get a behind the scenes glimpse of how engineers work to keep the men and artillery moving amidst tense situations  Tracks are laid over desert terrain, minefields are cleared, and a battle tank with engine trouble is rescued, while in range of enemy fire.  

‘Indian Army 24 Hours’ shows the courage and hardships of the people behind the blazing guns as they carry food to their brethren from one outpost to another and other logistics warriors who keep the storage intact for emergency evacuations. Doctors, field medics and other practitioners who serve the Indian army are all celebrated in this one hour film.  

The film comes full circle as it goes back to the commando team infiltrating the enemy camp at night. They sir drop operatives at the edge of the enemy camp at midnight so that they can blow up ammunition. 



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