Pandemic has changed the meaning of friendship

friendship day

A friend is that someone to whom you can give a hi-five and say “Yeah! You get me”.

A friend is that special person with whom your spirits match and without whom you are somewhere feel incomplete. He/ she becomes that first person with whom you would share the big or little happenings of your life with minuscule details possible. The word FRIEND itself sounds so mesmerizing that you just can’t stop remembering them whenever you hear it. The one who is always there for everything from listening to your everyday crushes to your deep heartbreaks, from saving you from teacher’s scoldings to laughing out loud when you get caught while cheating in the exam or get scolded by your boss. If your brain is filled half only with memories, then 3/4th of it will have to be filled with memories of them. Because with them, the word ‘enough’ never exists in friendship, it always too much of them and this is the reason why the relationship is being celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday of August, every year. And, while we are talking about the sweet and good memories of friends, there is an irony that we all had to accept, i.e., in spite of being the apple of our eyes one day, we all have now lost touch with so many of them. How could we just let go of someone that special?

The ongoing pandemic is the hurdle

One of the most popular ads in the history of advertising in India has to be airtel’s friendship ads. These were so relatable and became an anthem for defining friendships. The myriad kinds of friends, their characteristics, and how all of them are an integral part of our life. The college friends, the school friends, the drinking friends, the office friends, the friends of friends, the long-distance friends, the hobby class group, the significant other’s friends, and so many more kinds of friends. And, after the pandemic hit our worlds, we could now distinguish between all our friends and can easily categorize them as deep friendships and futile friendships. Pandemic has undoubtedly shaped friendship in a whole new format.

Mr.Paritosh Bindra, AVP Category at Ferns N Petals said, “Pandemic has undoubtedly reshaped the meaning of friendships and has completely transformed our social circles, that is where modern friendships are facing challenges. Infinite zoom calls has taken away the closeness and efforts to build relationships in today’s time.”

Friendship under technology

Post-pandemic, all our relationships have just become a slave of technology viz. Zoom calls, Skype, Google duo calls, Whatsapp messages, etc. The pandemic gave rise to no meet-ups, no outings, no friend gatherings, no house parties, and no office changed the way our friends were associated with us. As the occasions disappeared, so did our friends. Now people are left with only those friendships that are deep and not just convenient. And, we realized that only a very few of them were our close friends who are compassionate with whom we can have long meaningful conversations.

But, there is a part of technology that is also being used for strengthening and nurturing this special relationship. We can take the reference of these messaging apps themselves, that in these critical times, it is through these apps that we are still connected. Also, there are various companies through which we can send our love to friends, with the help of technology.

To this, Mr.Paritosh Bindra adds, “Ferns N Petals has been touching hearts by bringing distant relationships, even more, closer, by expressing your feelings right and emoting your best. Celebrating the joy of giving and spreading smiles ever since born, FNP brings along a wide array of heartfelt gifts with an added personalized range of pendants, bottles, plants, cakes, caricatures. One can start a green tradition by gifting a plant set for happiness or order a delicious cake to make the day all about sweetness. Remarkable flower arrangements to tempting smile cakes to quirky products to booking an online Friendship Special online musical night for your BFF, we have all to offer with no-contact express delivery at doorstep.

With a firm belief in nurturing relationships, this friendships day Ferns N Petals helps you re-connect with your loved ones’ with the same bond.  Let’s together form really strong social networks during these hardest times.”

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Friendship lessons learned during lockdown

The lockdown experience has given rise to a significant lesson for us i.e., how fragile friendships can be? While dealing with the unabating trauma due to losing our loved ones and isolation, we became emotionally drained. It was during these times, that made us understand the differences between a friend and an acquaintance. It made us value our reals friends even stronger. Casual friends were always vulnerable to being replaced by someone better in your life.

Families who became friends

When we try to adapt to a new lifestyle, we often fail to keep in touch with our existing friends. The lockdown was one of such a lifestyle, which we didn’t even choose for ourselves. And, it was not just with us, but with everyone else out in the world. It is natural that people will be focussing on their own life welcoming this massive change. This has left us all blurry and the unexpected things kept happening. In those tough times, it was only our families who stayed with us. We all came back home, this time to live for a long and uncertain period where we will not have to rush to the office the next day. And, for those who were living alone in other cities, they had to go back home to live with their families. The last time they came back home was for some special occasions or on festive seasons, maximum for a week or maybe fifteen days. But, now this was supposed to be something like forever for all of us, to date. And to our biggest surprise, we found our old best friends – our children, our spouses, our parents, our grandparents. While growing up, they were our first friends and we left them somewhere between knowing new things and knew everything.

So, should we thank the pandemic for being an eye-opener for all of us? Well, yes there are so many people out there who are thanking the pandemic for decluttering unnecessary people from our life. This declutter has enabled us to spend quality time with our close friends, family, and most importantly with ourselves. There are too many things that came to know because of the COVID-19 lockdown, that we otherwise could never know about us. The passions that we used to consider as our hobbies, our hobbies that we used to consider as our passions. In between all of this, we found a best friend inside all of us who was shunned long before by our own selves. This friendship day lets us shake hands with our long-lost friend who will always stand by our side no matter what happens in life. Let us cherish a genuine friendship with our own soul, our own heart!

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