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Global Esports and Santanu Hazarika collaborate to design an exclusive Valorant Championship Tour jersey

Breaking barriers between art and gaming, a leader in South Asia’s gaming scene, Global Esports (GE) and established multidisciplinary artist Santanu Hazarika have...

Global eSports for Afghanistan Women’s Cricket Team

Global eSports recreate Cricket World Cup finals for the Afghanistan Women’s Cricket Team

In November 2020, Afghanistan announced its official Women’s Cricket team – a first in its history. For a country ravaged by war and conservatism, this was a...

Global Esports acquires Girlxy to form GEms, India's only all female esports team

Global Esports launches India’s only all female Esport team

With women marching on and taking over every field—be it music, sports, arts or sciences—professional gaming is another sector they are set to conquer. Determined to...