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OPPO’s Noida factory manufacture one smartphone every 3 secs


The leading smart device brand, OPPO has established itself to shape the future of manufacturing smartphones in the country. OPPO India’s Noida Factory manufactures one smartphone every 3 seconds with its innovative automation, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-tech manufacturing prowess. At any given point, the factory stocks materials for over 1.2 million phones to ensure a smooth supply chain of smartphones to market.

The Noida Factory is divided into four sections including Storage, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), Supply Warehouse, and Assembly. The super-machines at the Surface Mount Technology section can hold 37000 micro components per hour, which increases the production efficiency. With its advanced technology, the team can complete one Printed Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA in 6.25 seconds, without depending on the complexities of the PCB. 

Each of the products goes through various testing before packing and shipping them to the market. The tests include environmental aging tests (continuous aging of functional components, adaptability in various environments), electrical performance tests, and structural analyses (destructive, structure-plug). There are 20 test points in every assembly line with ingenious testing equipment such as the hard pressure test, where the smartphone functions are tested after a 35 kg push is applied 100 times on it. Another test named the micro-drop test, in which devices are dropped 28000 times from a height of 10 cms. The manufacturing unit has 52 rows with 20 test stations and 37 assembly stations and can dispatch hundreds of micro-parts for 200 smartphones in less than 10 minutes.

Commenting on this, Mr. Elvis Zhou, President, OPPO India, said, “India is a market of strategic importance for OPPO, and this factory is a testimony to our commitment for the country. The integration of high-end technology and a human workforce with a high level of expertise, creative and cognitive skills is enabling us to produce the most loved OPPO smartphones. With the growing popularity of OPPO smartphones, we will be further building upon our manufacturing capabilities to meet the rising demand. Agility, innovativeness, and creativity will be the key to success for OPPO India.”

Catch a glimpse of OPPO India’s Noida Factory here.


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