Contract Advertising’s new Yardley film highlights talc with a twist

Contract Advertising’s film for Yardley

Yardley’s new television commercial by Contract Advertising highlights the beauty of doing something dynamic, fresh and new and inspiring the world to do the same. It talks about the unstoppable enthusiasm and the constant lookout for something new and more along with beauty in the light of appearances. It is a fresh take on beauty and a seamless weave between their ‘Step up with Yardley’ proposition.

In the past year, there were more downs than ups. Women have stepped up in multiple ways, with they never back down the spirit and a fresh perspective on everything, to not just keep going, but also to keep thriving. They have come out stronger and more confident after they have fought the situation ever-so-gracefully.

The commercial focuses on the direct benefits of the talc which are beauty, freshness, and glow and Contract Advertising which is a  member of the WPP network and a part of the Wunderman Thompson Group conceptualised the commercial.

Manish Vyas, Business Head for Yardley India, shares the campaign rationale, “Yardley London has always been an epitome of trust and quality over the years. It is the craftsmanship that Yardley has mastered over the 250 years of rich heritage and international lineage, which our patrons cherish with all their heart. Our latest talc proposition attempts to bring the brand further closer to consumers by making it more relevant to their needs. This film shows how Yardley Talc, made from the finest floral ingredients, helps bring out the best version of yourself. It not only provides superior freshness but also enhances your looks, giving you the confidence to step up in life.”

Ayan Chakraborty, EVP & General Manager, Contract Mumbai, shares the inspiration behind the commercial, “The new normal is also about showcasing yourself and your talent beyond the confines of your home and physical locations. The last one year has accelerated this behaviour even more. This is the backdrop for this narrative. Talc which gives you the freshness and confidence to naturally step up and go beyond.”

Giving a fresh spin to the performance of some graceful classical move on a rather modern beat, the film showcases a woman in her mid-twenties. When asked to perform by her instructor, she doesn’t stop, rather she chooses to share it with the whole world by going live and ends up getting an overwhelming response.

Rahul Ghosh, Executive Creative Director, Contract Mumbai, explains the approach and the creative thinking behind the ad, ‘’Talcum powder is viewed as rather functional. And we wanted to change that. We wanted to speak to the consumer that uses talc as a beauty ritual and build on that. With a story that had freshness written all over it, a fresh feeling and of course fresh thinking. Plus, the fusion dance just makes it fun to watch again and again!’

Watch the film here.

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