Lotte ChocoPie says “Pause to Celebrate” this International Women’s Day

This International’s Women’s Day, Lotte ChocoPie unveiled its digital film “Pause to Celebrate”, that seeks to honor all women who strive hard to juggle multiple roles every day, everywhere, with hardly a pause moment for themselves.The communication also emphasizes the need to appreciate, value and regard their efforts. This is part of the ‘Lotte Fest’ – an initiative that celebrates key festivals and occasions in the country with an aim to create memorable ‘Lotte Moments’ for all. A communication calendar for the same is already in place.

The heart-warming film showcases the love and appreciation of a mother by her children on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Through the ad, Lotte ChocoPie shares its vision of the future – a world centered on love, mutual respect and appreciation that will be built by generations – now and future.

Venkatesh Parthasarathy, VP Marketing, LOTTE India said, “We are extremely happy to have launched this campaign “Pause to celebrate’”. It acknowledges and appreciates women who are the backbone of our society.  This LOTTE moment is to celebrate the everyday superhero woman out there and uphold her achievements. We will be sharing many more memorable LOTTE moments in the days to come.”

“As the undisputed pioneer and market leader in the Pie category, Lotte Choco Pie owns the pause moment in people’s life. When you pull back to pause from the rigors of daily life you do it best with Lotte Choco Pie because it’s the perfect combination of indulgent choco, rich marshmallow and soft biscuits. This year we aim to capture many more of these pause moments interestingly and also encourage the consumers to be intentional in their pause moments. We want to do that with beautiful, emotion-filled brushstrokes that highlight the place of Lotte Choco Pie in people’s lives. The Women’s Day campaign is a fresh new take on who celebrates it and how, a departure from the stereotypical view of men celebrating women.” said, Elango M, Vice President, Pinwheel Integrated Communications.

YouTube links to the TVC.

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