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Platinum Days of Love Takes over this Valentine’s Day

MediaInfoline February 7, 2020

This month of love – “LOVE” itself comes alive & questions the relevance of these expressions and gestures. Platinum Days of Love (PDOL) brings alive a unique 4 week digital and social campaign personifying LOVE and infusing new and refreshed meaning into expressions & gestures around Valentine’s Day. Reimagining love to mean a relationship that makes two people greater together. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, each day LOVE will write an open letter that questions outdated expressions, frivolous gestures, rituals & days offering its modern perspective on relationships, urging couples to embrace acts and gestures that are more meaningful.

And that’s not all – One of the most interesting features that Platinum Days of Love adds to this campaign is the “Love Bot”. The Love Bot works in the form of a voice-based ‘google assistant’ , suggesting meaningful ways to celebrate Valentine’s day – including the best way to express your love to your partner, to surprise your loved one and also to buy him or her the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

The entire campaign is supported by PDOL’s acclaimed #GreaterTogether digital film that celebrates couples who can come together to build an even more formidable force where differences add perspective and similarities are built on to make one stronger.

“It’s time we replace & reimagine the vocabulary around love & relationships from one that rejects and undermines the potential of an individual, cues compromise & sacrifice to one that demonstrates how two individuals can come together to build something greater. Can go from strength to strength.  Falling, blinded, taking the plunge all land up seeming like one has been severely compromised. Couples today aspire for a love that empowers and uplifts – where together builds a greater partnership at every level. Where gestures don’t leave you sceptical because they are so over the top but rather reassured- Said Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, Platinum Guild International – India

“Reimagining love is a natural fit for today’s couples. They have stopped believing in archaic definitions of love and believe in love that empowers them. With this campaign, this Valentine’s Day we want couples to look beyond over the top, frivolous ways to celebrate; and take a more meaningful approach. Idea was to not make this a preachy campaign and hence the conversation is led by Love. Love that’s meaningful and the one that makes you greater together” – said Harsh Shah, Sr. VP – Client Services, Dentsu Webchutney.

Known for meaningful designs crafted in Rare platinum – apt for when a relationship too mirrors rare qualities. PDOL has curated a collection of 6 exquisite Platinum Love Bands in its “Greater Together” collection. The designs of each pair stands for a unique promise that enables couples to be #GreaterTogether. The collection will be available to purchase across leading jewellery retail stores in India from the 25th of January until 15th February.

The campaign is live across digital platform from the 25th of January until 15th February’20


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