Stay In, Stay Home, says Duroflex in its powerful social message

#StayIn and #StayHome, says Duroflex in its powerful social message

At a time, when most of us are confined at home, our beds have become a haven now more than ever. With several positive and meaningful experiences occurring around the bed in our homes, be it with family or work, our beds have become a great source of comfort and joy in the current scenario. Keeping this in mind, Duroflex has released a film titled #StayIn with the social message urging people to #StayIn and #StayHome because currently, our bed is the safest and most comforting space we have. It is time to make the most of it.  

In these times of social distancing where homes have become our hub for work, family time, leisure and much more our beds are have become a canvas for many a life moments, now more than ever. The film narrates this intimate relationship we have with our beds and how that has become even more important in the current scenario. Stitched together in a beautiful montage of shots, the film weaves stories, fond memories and interactions of the various times our bed has had our back-personally, professionally, individually or as a family. These moments are more relatable today as people are spending more time at home practicing social distancing. The messaging, which will run across digital and social media, intends to bring much needed optimism about staying in, especially at a time when people might feel restricted inside.  It brings out the happy side of being home, urging people to cherish the joys of being at home and the various life moments that happen around one’s bed.

Elaborating on the beautiful film, spokesperson, Smita Murarka, Vice President, Marketing, Duroflex, said, “In these times of social distancing and work from home, it is very easy to feel confined and restricted by the idea of staying in. Through our film we want people to rejoice the happy moments of staying in with our bed being a companion and support in these life moments. From giving us a haven to letting us snuggle-in over the weekend, from being our jumping bag to being the perfect place to crash and helping rejuvenate our body and mind to prepare us for the next day. Beds have always been a safe haven but even more so today when staying in and staying home is staying safe.

With this social message, Duroflex also aims to spark conversations with the audience, create positive communication and encourage people to look at staying in as a joyful experience.  For the same, the brand is asking people to share their joyful moments of staying in. The brands also wants to encourage people to get their 7-8 hours of sleep to help build immunity, the need of the hour. They have further activated the #StayIn #StayHome message through renowned influencers who go live from the brand’s handle indulging in various activities from the comfort of their home. These activities include Working Out with celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachi Wala, Running Drills with Ayesha Bilimoria, Bed Yoga for Better Sleep with Vandana Gupta and many more to enrich the #StayIn #StayHome experience.

Check out Duroflex #StayIn video.

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