KinnectPRIDE: Kinnect’s ‘sign’ of progress! Embraces inclusive pronouns in email signatures

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Kinnect has always been an inclusive and gender-neutral workplace for everyone who identifies as a Kinnector. Making yet another significant move towards the same, on the occasion of International Transgender Day of Visibility, as an addition to its #KinnectPRIDE initiative, the agency updated its email signatures to include and reflect gender pronouns.

The ‘pronoun line’ in its new email signature raised a few eyebrows and got many thinking of it to be a ‘rare sight in India’. Something that is now common at Kinnect. Making a small grammatical fix, the agency is now unlearning the use of pronouns in a binary manner and has updated its language to include preferred pronouns for individuals who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, and/or whoever chooses to use them. This way, it’s ensuring that when Kinnectors are at work, they wouldn’t have to leave a part of their identity at home. Quite literally a ‘sign’ of progress!

With pronouns being constantly used to refer to one’s gender, Kinnect is of the opinion that it is not always a signifier for someone’s gender identity. Assumptions can undermine communication. However, respectful of choices, the agency has kept it optional for Kinnectors to add pronouns they best identify with, to their email signatures.

Commenting on this change, Rohan Mehta – CEO at Kinnect said, “This action means a lot to us and can help spread great awareness around creating a workplace where everyone feels welcomed. We believe that the smallest of actions can go a long way to break away from normalised societal stigmas, and want #Kinnectors to always be their authentic selves with those they work and see every day. Hence, the easiest way we thought to start a conversation around self-identity, was to start with ourselves. Kinnect always has and will continue to demonstrate commitment towards diversity, inclusion, and equality. Through our words, actions, and now even our signatures.”

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