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ED Provisional Attachment Order vindicates Republic Media Network

MediaInfoline March 24, 2021

Republic Media Network welcomes the recent news of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) issuing a Provisional Attachment Order in the TRP Case. The ED’s Provisional Attachment Order comes after months of thorough investigation and the findings of the agency completely vindicate Republic Media Network, its channels, and affiliates. The truth has once again emerged victoriously and has settled scores with all those who tried to put a lid over it.

  1. ESTABLISHED WITH FINALITY – NO VIEWERSHIP MALPRACTICES BY REPUBLIC MEDIA NETWORK: The Provisional Attachment Order has firmly established that there were no viewership malpractices by Republic Media Network. The Enforcement Directorate has after detailed investigations produced an Attachment Order that proves all the claims and allegations against Republic were false, malicious, and fictitious. The findings of the Enforcement Directorate only publicly and wholly present what was always the truth.
  2. ALL RAW DATA ANALYSED BY ED SHOWS NO WRONGDOING BY REPUBLIC: The raw data shows that even in the households where deviation/infirmity in data was found, viewership of Republic TV and Republic Bharat in terms of viewership minutes was zero. This settles, once and for all, that no unlawful manipulation and distortion of viewership was being conducted by Republic TV or any of its sister channels and affiliates.
  1. ALL HOUSEHOLDS WITH BAR-o-METERS EXAMINED DO NOT NAME REPUBLIC: The ED Provisional Attachment Order lays down the statements of those who reside in Bar-O-Meter households. None of the households have named Republic TV, Republic Bharat, or any affiliate of Republic Media Network. This establishes once and for all that there is no TRP manipulation, viewership malpractice, or wrongdoing done by Republic Media Network.
  2. REPUBLIC NOT AN ACCUSED IN ED PROVISIONAL ORDER: The ED’s Provisional Attachment Order has been filed under Section 5 of the Provisions of Money Laundering Act, 2002 and has named 3 accused and another prominent national news channel but has not once mentioned Republic in the context of any viewership malpractice.
  1. NOTHING OF EVIDENTIARY VALUE FOUND AGAINST REPUBLIC: The viewership metrics and the qualitative and quantitative findings of the Enforcement Directorate at a primary level prove that nothing of evidentiary value has been found.
  1. NO FINANCIAL TRAIL, ACCUSATION OR MONEY TRAIL EVEN REMOTELY IMPLICATING REPUBLIC: The ED Provisional Attachment Order specifically draws out detailed money trails and financial links of the 3 channels specifically named for allegedly being involved in viewership distortion, not once has Republic Media Network or any of its channels been named in the context of any wrongdoing.
  1. NO ABNORMAL VIEWERSHIP GROWTH OF REPUBLIC: The ED Provisional Attachment order records statements that detail out abnormal viewership growth being identified by BARC sub-committees but none of these distortions are with respect to Republic Media Network’s channels.
  1. EVIDENCE AGAINST ANOTHER CHANNEL NAMED IN FIR: In fact, the ED’s Provisional Attachment Order indicates numerous times that evidence has been found against one particular English news channel that was also named in the original FIR in the TRP case.

Republic Media Network takes pride in its organization that has been built on the untouchable principles of deep integrity, earnest hard work, and the forthright purpose of putting the nation first.

Through the last few months, the Network has grown into yet another language with the thundering launch of Republic Bangla.

As we continue to expand, the Network looks forward to working towards common goals with business partners, strategists, advertisers, affiliates, and associates.

We are more determined than ever before to work with all like-minded stakeholders to fulfill our responsibility to put Nation First and take this great country forward.  Republic Media Network is committed to working to propel the nation ahead, with its journalistic vigour that puts people first.

We are deeply grateful to the viewers, supporters, partners, associates, and affiliates of Republic for their unwavering support, unshaken trust, and immovable faith. We together march ahead with an undaunted resolve to put Nation First, News First, and People First.


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