Monsoon won’t make your homes smelly anymore! Boman Irani and Ambi Pur come to the rescue

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Monsoon in India is the perfect season for happiness and nostalgia, time to sit back and relax with a steaming hot cup of tea and take a trip down the memory lane. It is a season that we have all come to love, since those childhood days of jumping in puddles and floating paper boats. But in the process of growing up, that spirit of the season somewhere gets lost, as we come around to face ‘adult’ issues in the season! Well, maybe not for long.

In a 3rd party survey commissioned by Ambi Pur India, it was revealed that while 96%* women feel nostalgic when they think about monsoons, 84%* confessed that they struggle to make their home smell pleasant in the monsoons. For the Indian women, especially in areas that face high amount of rain, the season brings its own set of challenges, be it drying the laundry inside the house, wet umbrellas/raincoats, the pets that suddenly give off a peculiar smell, and most importantly, the moisture-heavy smell that engulfs the entire home – to which 90%* of the women agree, as per the same survey.

While many other household odours like those coming from washrooms, stale food, etc. are often spoken about or acted upon, this monsoon odour is silently borne without any attention. It is something that everyone has been suffering from, and yet, no one has acknowledged. However, the wide-spread impact is clear from the intuitive results of the survey. Because of its persistence, it becomes essential to invest more time and effort in keeping the house clean, fresh and germ-free, and yet, not get the desired results.

In the same survey conducted by Nielsen, 78%* women agreed that despite the entire cleaning routine, they still face a damp, musty odour in their homes during monsoons. This pesky monsoon odour makes the ambience stuffy, giving the impression that the house is not well cleaned. It can also be a mood dampener as the dingy, moisture-heavy air gives a gloomy feeling. Apart from being an irritant, the monsoon odour can ruin your impression in front of guests leading to social awkwardness. 74%* women avoid hosting guests in monsoons with the fear of household damp odours

If not corrected at the right time, the pesky monsoon odour can lead to embarrassing situations which might hinder the family or individual’s social interaction. It is a constant endeavor to create the perfect ambience in the homes. No wonder, 9 out of every 10* women expressed an eagerness to use a product that would help them eliminate this damp monsoon odour.

With the New and Improved Ambi Pur launched in July, with a formulation upgraded behind the trademarked Odour-clear technology, there is a ready solution for fighting this monsoon smell! In the past years, Ambi Pur and its Smelly to Smiley campaign has proven solution to the toughest household odours, including fish, tadka, diapers, etc. This year, the brand has chosen to demonstrate its odour-removal efficacy against the most relatable odour issue of the season – the damp, musty monsoon smells!

Boman Irani, Brand Ambassador for Ambi Pur India, adds “Since childhood, Monsoon has been my favorite season, but I also know the kind of problems that come with it. Everything takes so much more time and effort, especially the upkeep of the house! And, getting rid of the lingering damp, musty odour is almost impossible. This persistent monsoon odour is a definite mood deterrent, and does nothing to create a comfortable ambience. But, I have a tried and tested solution in Ambi Pur, that consistently helps me to fight, and truly eliminate odours like the monsoon dampness, leaving behind a nice, subtle fragrance. I urge you to try the now improved Ambi Pur, and you will see the difference for yourself! Let’s take the monsoons from a smelly affair to a smiley season!”


Nidhish Garg, Brand Manager, Home Care India, adds “This is the third leg of Ambi Pur’s Smelly to Smiley campaign. Ambi Pur continues to stand for true odour-elimination, and being your strongest ammunition against the toughest household odours. This year, we are focusing to demonstrate our superior formulation against the specific, unmissable damp monsoon odour. Despite an intensive cleaning regime, this musty odour is impossible to get rid of. Spraying your deodorant or other fragrances around the house doesn’t help either, as presence of fragrances does not ensure odour elimination. Instead, Ambi Pur works on the odours at a molecular level, and hence, can be your one-stop solution against pesky, tough household odours like that of monsoon.”

Adding more perspective on the technology, Maxim Daled, R&D Expert on Air Care, P&G, shares, “What makes Ambi Pur truly distinct is the formulation and focus on odour removal, not just on emitting the fragrance. Because of our molecular understanding of the odours, we have been able to create a trademarked ‘Odour-clear technology’, which we have brought to India in July. Fighting the odour at a molecular level, neutralizing it completely, and leaving behind a subtle fragrance – this enables Ambi Pur to truly eliminate the toughest household smells, leaving your home feeling fresh and breezy.”

To drive the education and awareness regarding the product upgrade, Ambi Pur is launching the 3rd leg of the very popular Smelly to Smiley campaign. So, look out for the new TVC, as well as 360 degree activation. All fragrances, including the newly launched Sandalwood fragrance, are available across stores at a price of Rs. 299.

*Claims generated from women who were in agreement with the above statements by a Nielsen survey conducted across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata in June 2017 with a total of 842 respondents. The above are a few excerpts from the survey findings.

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