Women express emotions through doodles on Bharti AXA’s social media

Bharti Axa Life Insurance celebrates women's day with doodles expressing women's emotions

One of India’s leading business groups, Bharti Enterprises and one of the world’s largest insurance companies, AXA, came together for the joint venture Bharti AXA Life Insurance and on this International Women’s Day, it has underlined emerging life goals of new-age women from education and sanitation to freedom for passion. On March 8th, a doodler took over Bharti AXA’s Facebook and Instagram pages for a day expressing many women’s emotions shedding light on the life goals.

Bharti AXA Life urged women on this Women’s Day, to share their big goals in life on its social media pages on Instagram LIVE. Doodler Mamta Singh took to the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages by personalizing and doodling their expressions and choices.

Ranging from becoming financially independent, opening an entertainment centre for retirees and cafe, to freedom to follow her passion and dream work, to help underprivileged women with education and sanitation, many women reached out to Bharti AXA Life and expressed their life goals.

Across different stages of lives, five such women who highlighted their unique and desired life goals were shortlisted. Each artwork portrayed emotions, goals, dreams and events that have impacted women all around the eco-system.

For this activity, Bharti AXA Life Insurance collaborated with well-known doodle artist Mamta Singh to bring the big life goals of women to the fore. “I had the opportunity to doodle out life goals of five amazing women in association with Bharti AXA Life Insurance. I think it is a wonderful initiative and I relate to this as a woman. As I realized my life goal of pursuing art as a passion and profession both, all women should get this chance,” said Mamta.

Commenting on the unique initiative to appreciate the might of women, Mr. Parag Raja, MD and CEO, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, said, ‘’Women have played a significant role in every household and excelled in fostering and sustaining their families. The artist tried to capture their emotions and passion through different doodles that reflected their fecund attitude and high aspirations towards life. At Bharti AXA, we aim to spread awareness on what women have achieved in the past and how they dare to dream, set goals and smash patriarchy every day with the help of sound life goals and financial planning.’’

It is difficult for these women to achieve their life goals because of societal perceptions and constraints, they mentioned. Some intriguing and empowering messages have also been expressed by the women amongst each other.

As all life goals are special, every woman was welcomed on the company’s social media pages, whether it is being an organic living enthusiast who wants to open her farm or it is having a career of her choice or a young student who wants to facilitate sanitation for underprivileged women.

The company’s belief lies that society is changing constantly. However, financial protection and independence, both concerns are the same for men and women. Irrespective of gender, life insurance is a crucial instrument of financial planning for any family. Along with other invaluable contributions of women, their income needs to be protected. Life insurance is one such financial instrument that, in case of an unfortunate event, can protect their families financial security to ensure stability.

Unique five goals of today’s women picked up by the doodler

– Starting an entertainment centre for retirees

– Becoming financially independent to help underprivileged women with education and sanitation

– Freedom to follow her passion

– Opening a cafe

– Opening a store-cum-café

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