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Final episode of Zee5’s Contech.ED 2020 to be aired

Shreoshree Chakrabarty December 11, 2020

The final episode of the fastest-growing ConTech brand, ZEE5’s Contech.ED 2020 series goes live on December 12, 2020. To discuss the trends and triggers behind the changed entertainment consumption patterns and changing media and how companies are responding to it, an eight-part knowledge series #BingeNomics enters. Personalities like Siddharth Banerjee from Games24x7, Vikram Sakhuja from Madisson Media, Ajay Kakkar from Aditya Birla Capital, Pankaj Parihar from Godrej Consumer Products come together to discuss and this show aims to capture expert viewpoints to holistically address the challenges that befall the industry.

From appointment viewing on TV to on-demand viewing on-the-go, entertainment consumption patterns have come a long way and observed a dramatic shift in the year 2020. Consumers are discovering newer ways to satiate their content needs with the steady penetration of connected devices, and smartphones that are giving rise to parallel second screen viewing that is combined with several technology innovations propelling this growth. To decipher what the future has in store for the media and entertainment industry, the aim of the #BingeNomics series is to raise various questions to decode the preferences of the current end consumer, market growth drivers, the significance of storytelling and necessity for superior consumer experience.

Rajeev Dhal, Chief Revenue Officer, ZEE5 India opined, “OTT saw a comeback in Q2 compared to Q1 post the lockdown. ZEE5 has grown more than 2X in terms of numbers, in Q2:Q1 our user base has grown 50% and engagement rates have grown 4X – basically, everything consumed at-home has only been growing, and OTT is here to stay. There is no debate that digital ad expenses are only growing, and by 2026, 50% of the AdEx will be digital-oriented and bigger than TV or print. While consumption rates grow exponentially, users are going to choose to be discreet by limiting ad tracking, removing cookies which will inevitably disrupt the system. BingeNomics is ZEE5’s way of having such thought-provoking, engaging and inspiring conversations on the fast-paced, always evolving media and entertainment industry.”

Rajneel Kumar, Business Head Expansion Projects and Head of Products, ZEE5 India added, “Technology plays a very important role across all material changes we’re witnessing in the media and entertainment space. Consumers are now multi-device, multi-platform users and in order to know where their right audience is, brands must track them closely and accurately in order to understand where they spend their time and why. The more attuned we are to understanding these technological shifts, the better prepared we will be to entertain our consumers and make their content viewing experience superlative.”

ZEE5’s Contech.ED 2020 #BingeNomics which is moderated by SheThePeople founder Shaili Chopra, started in October 2020and every Saturday, it airs a new episode. Storytelling in digital content, the disruptors that are currently shaping the digital entertainment landscape and how innovations are changing the way we look at the rise of digital are the first three episodes delved into. Then the next four episodes come with the discussion on who the new digital video consumer is, the future of advertising in the digital age, if and how digital media is poised to overtake traditional media and regional markets driving digital growth. Experts will discuss the nuances of ensuring a brand-safe environment on digital media in its last episode. The final episode comes live on December 12, 2020, and all the other episodes are available here.


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