The New Romantic premieres on &PrivéHD

The New Romantic premieres on &PrivéHD

Journalists often tend to go above and beyond in their quest for ground breaking stories. Either they have their sources, or they dirty their hands. &PrivéHD brings to you a story of a college senior who goes beyond morals to win an award in journalism and fill the romance-less void in her life. The New Romantic premieres on November 9, 2019 at 1 PM and 9 PM on &PrivéHD as a part of Privé Premieres. Written and Directed by Carly Stone, the movie stars Jessica Barden as Blake Conway, Hayley Law essaying the role of Nikki Morrison, Brett Dier portraying the character of Jacob and Camila Mendes as Morgan Cruise. The movie highlights the repercussions of going against the morals of the society to earn easy access to fame and money.

Blake Conway is popular for her passion towards journalism in her senior year. Her love life has been extremely disheartening since the early days of college. As an escape from the never-ending fate that she will have to face post-graduation, which includes student debt and continued hopeless romance, she becomes a sugar baby. This detour makes her life makes more exciting and adventurous as she intends to document the same in the hope of winning a journalism award with extravagant prize money. She is on a path to find out whether the society has a right to judge these women and if her own self-worth comes with a price. Will she be successful, or will her experiment backfire?


Is it wrong being a sugar baby? Or loving someone for just the money they have? Find out on &PrivéHD as The New Romantic premieres on November 9, 2019 at 1 PM and 9 PM.

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