McDonald’s delights its customers with rewards for those who fuel-up their rides this Drive Thru week

McDonald’s is celebrating Drive-Thru Week by rewarding customers who fuel-up their rides

You can always trust McDonald’s India to spring a surprise! The brand is delighting the customers yet again by celebrating Drive-Thru week in the most unique way. All customers who fuel up their rides in the week will be able to get their favourite products free at their preferred McDonald’s Drive-Thru.  With this, your next visit to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru is set to be even more delightful.

Westlife Development Ltd – the company that owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in the West and South of India has the largest number of drive-thrus in the country. This service has been an unmatched strength for the brand and its demand has only grown through the year. With over 60 Drive-Thrus in the regions, the company is offering customers a safe and convenient way of getting their favourite food.

To make the most of the McDonald’s Drive-Thru week, all you have to do is DM (Directly Message)  a picture of your fuel receipt dated any day between the 24th to 30th July on the brand’s official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles. The first 1000 participants to fuel up for amounts between INR 500 to INR 1500 will get a free McSpicy Paneer/ McSpicy Chicken burger or a McVeggie/ McChicken burger. Similarly, the first 1000 participants who fuel up for more than INR 1500 and DM the bill, will stand a chance to get a free McSpicy Paneer/Chicken meal or a McVeggie/McChicken meal.

Speaking on the occasion of Drive-Thru Week, Arvind RP, Director – Marketing and Communications, McDonald’s India (West and South) said, “McDonald’s has been the pioneer of Drive-thrus in India and it has been a very important channel for us, especially in the recent times. The Drive-thru week is an opportunity to delight our customers in a unique way and at the same time highlight the great convenience that this channel offers.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your freebies right away and celebrate the Drive-Thru Week with a McDonald’s twist!

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