News18 HSM Network Salutes India’s “Doctors”


The difficult times faced by all amidst the COVID 19 pandemic has brought to the fore the contributions and sacrifices made by doctors and healthcare staff around the globe on a daily basis. To honor these selfless heroes, News18 HSM Network has conceived of special shows on the occasion of National Doctors Day

These special shows will be dedicated to all medical professionals who have put the welfare of others over all else even at the risk of their own lives. This programming will feature eminent personalities from the medical field as well top political leaders in a discussion not only on the healthcare challenges that the country has been facing but also what steps need to be taken to avoid and handle any health emergencies in the future.

The special Doctors Day celebration on News18 HSM channels is an attempt on our part to express our gratitude to these “angels in white” and highlight their importance in our lives.

Tune in to our special programming on July 1 on

News18 Rajasthan @ 2:00 pm,

News18 Bihar/JHH @ 6:30 pm,

News18 UP/UK @ 4:30 pm,

News18 MP/CG @ 3:30 pm,

News18 PHH @8:30 pm

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