Nykaa Cosmetics unveils a stunning Ad Film showcasing the New Matte To Last PoreMinimizing Foundation

Nykaa Cosmetics unveils a stunning Ad Film showcasing the New Matte To Last PoreMinimizing Foundation

Nykaa Cosmetics unveils their latest ad film, showcasing the highly anticipated launch of the Matte To Last Pore Minimizing Foundation. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, Nykaa created an experience that would resonate with their target audience with an ad film titled “Matte To Last, Made For You“, which beautifully captures the spirit of Indian youth, showcasing their vibrancy, confidence, and unapologetic way of being. The film brings alive this game-changing product, which eliminates the need for powder and primer, delivering a seamless and effortless application for an unparalleled makeup experience.

Conceptualized and created by Green Chutney Films, the ad opens with striking close-ups of women, their faces bathed in sunlight as they navigate the bustling streets of Mumbai. In an instant, a profound connection is forged with the audience, drawing them into the unfolding narrative. As the product takes center stage, the women in the film burst into a state of pure joy while they exemplify their personal style. The fusion of energetic and catchy music, blending Western and Indian beats, infuses the scene with a captivating vibe that lingers long after the film concludes. The streets come alive with a riot of vivid, pop colors, providing the perfect canvas for this stylish and groovy experience. It is within this captivating environment that the ad film showcases the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative beauty solutions tailored to the discerning needs and preferences of Indian consumers.

Vishal Gupta, Executive Vice President, Nykaa Brands says, “At Nykaa Cosmetics, we believe in the power of beauty to inspire. Our latest ad film for the Matte To Last Foundation is a testament to that philosophy. It captures the essence of Indian youth – their energy, confidence, and unapologetic spirit – in a non-preachy and authentic way. With 15 shades especially curated for Indian skin tones, we celebrate the beauty of diversity and empower every individual to find their perfect match.”

Rahul Tejwani, CEO, Green Chutney Films adds, “At Green Chutney Films, we are always seeking interesting and innovative ways to capture the voice and aspirations of Indian youth. Working with an Indian brand like Nykaa gave us the opportunity to do just that. By working on the concept, music, style, and visual language of the campaign for Nykaa, we were able to capture the bold essence of the brand and specifically what Matte to Last Foundation represents in a fun and vibrant way.”

The Matte to last Pore Minimizing Foundation is a 12 hour long-lasting formula that ensures a radiant finish that withstands the test of time. Its standout feature lies in its remarkable ability to minimize pores within a mere 15 minutes, thanks to the inclusion of the remarkable 2% Sebustop ingredient. It is also enriched with Vitamin E that nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant. The foundation range is completely vegan, dermatologically tested, paraben-free, and not tested on animals. With 15 meticulously crafted shades that complement diverse Indian skin tones, this foundation guarantees a flawless match, redefining beauty standards and providing a long-lasting complexion.

Nykaa Matte to Last Pore Minimizing Foundation will be available on Nykaa.com and in Nykaa stores across India and is priced at INR 849/- only.

Link to the film-Watch Here

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