Tanishq Brings Digital Film For Exclusive Range Of Engagement Rings

Tanishq brings exclusive engagement ring range

To celebrate the essence of togetherness, Tanishq has launched its exclusive range of beautiful Engagement Rings and it has launched a new 90- second digital film campaign to promote its collection. The heartwarming digital film is conceptualised by Tanishq and Lowe Lintas and it showcases a moment #WhenItRingsTrue of the perfect love.

Engagement marks a special occasion in every couple’s journey of togetherness. It brings the couple a step closer to a lifetime commitment. The memories associated with it are cherished forever. To make the event more sheen, Tanishq offers a wide range of timeless diamond rings that take in trust and togetherness for life. It celebrates engagements with stunning rings for your happily ever after. #TanishqEngagement

The digital film shows the love and understanding of a couple through candid conversation. It opens with the bride-to-be anxiously tapping her fingers on the car where she re-evaluates her choices that could transform her life. Through the conversation, they discover a sweet moment ‘When It Rings True’ to celebrate the start of their happily ever after.

Tanishq is one of the leading jewellery brands in India. It has a true signature style where one moment steals the aroma of the film. Following the same, the digital film presents this slice of life as the film beautifully captures the story of how just one moment made them realise that they were meant to be together! The film surfaces a point when the indecisiveness of the bride vanishes with an epiphany that she has truly found the one.

Speaking about the campaign, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, GM – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd, said “There comes a moment in our lives that defines the love of a lifetime and often that very moment overwhelms us with emotions that bind us with our partner for life. We believe that in that one precious moment when you realise that you have truly found the one… in that moment #WhenItRingsTrue…you have found not just a partner, but a best friend, a confidante and a soulmate! And our Engagement film is our sincere attempt to reflect upon the priceless moment ‘When It Rings True’ of the relationship nestled in the everlasting aura of love.

Young couples today want Engagement rings that truly embody their personality and are a true reflection of the perfect love they share with their partners. A Tanishq Engagement ring is perfect for those whose love stories are blossoming and who are envisioning a life together. We present our stunning range of Engagement rings in designs to celebrate the start of this beautiful journey of togetherness with the moment that seals their memories and treasures them in the most special way.”

Quoting the film, Sagar Kapoor- Chief Creative Officer – Lowe Lintas says“When it rings true’ is a moment that a lot of us have lived in our lives. It’s a time when you are excited about a change in your life stage, those butterflies in the belly make you wonder are things happening too soon. It’s a delicate emotion that needs a nudge from you partner. That’s what this story does. Also since these are Engagement Rings, the idea sits beautifully on the emotion.”

Such an overwhelming digital film is made with the efforts of a strong team that work dedicatedly. Following is the Agency credit for the same.


Ranjani Krishnaswamy General Manager – Marketing, Tanishq Lowe Lintas Sagar Kapoor – Chief Creative Officer Sonali Khanna – Executive Director and Brand Head – South Kishore Subramanian – Regional Director – South Crazy Few Films Sharat Kumar
Gaurav Midha Senior Marketing Manager – Tanishq   Arpan Bhattacharya – Unit Creative Director Aditi Rungachary – Vice President Easo John – Vice President    
Ru Chatterji Assistant Marketing Manager- Tanishq   Pulkit Khandelwal – Copywriter Vandana Menon – Senior Brand Services Manager Namrata Sukumar – Senior Brand Planning Director    


Watch the film here.

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