Wavemaker India presents earned equity report for premium events – IPL 2022 edition


Wavemaker MESH – the Real Time Data Intelligence solution by Wavemaker today revealed an earned equity report on IPL 2022. The report analyses how the audience perception of IPL has evolved over the years. It focuses on the digital audience and uses data points like consumption data around digital content and also social and search insights

The report captures the social conversations around IPL 2022 based on multiple data points collated to create meaningful and actionable Insights. The report analyses how the audience perception of IPL has evolved over the years. It focuses on the digital audience and uses data points like consumption data around digital content and also social and search insights.

The report has data sources from multiple consumer touchpoints across the Digital ecosystem ranging from Social Listening, Video analytics in partnership with Intuitive Intelligence, Interaction data points collected from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The methodology behind measuring earned equity draws from social listening, content analytics and audience measurement.

Wavemaker plans to bring out an earned equity report on key properties which will help brands add a qualitative layer to their decision making process.

Talking about the report Karthik Nagarajan, Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker India and Head – Branded Content – GroupM India said, “The perceived value of a property today is measured in a uni-dimensional way. ‘Earned Equity’ is Wavemaker’s way of quantifying the ‘digital perception’ and sentiment around it. Along with complementing the traditional media metrics, these earned equity reports will help brands decide their associations with premium events.”

       Key highlights of the report: 

  • When we talk about Sporting events across the globe, the English Premier League emerges as the buzziest sporting event in the World. Just behind EPL, we have IPL which has become the second most buzziest sporting event in the World and the buzziest sporting event in India. The popularity has been growing year on year and this year with growth over 300% over last year, the season garnered 334 million buzz making it ahead of other Global sporting events like NBA, NFL and Major league baseball.
  • This season of IPL was unique in multiple ways and the reason why the audience engagement was at its peak. After being trailing at the number 2 spot for the past 3 consecutive seasons, RCB broke the jinx and emerged as the most popular team this season. The winner of this season ‘Gujarat Titans’ was the 6th most popular team this season.  One more interesting fact is that RCB has only 7% of fans from Karnataka cheering for the team. This clearly shows that in this event, the loyalty is not with the City/State team but with the franchise.
  • IPL is growing as an opportunity for content creators and advertisers to engage with the audience. On digital Medium, IPL garnered more than 6.5 billion video views this season which is an almost 50% increase over the last year
  • This popularity growth is also in line with the Media evaluation. The popularity of this sporting extravaganza along with potential growth rates of digital are the reasons why digital rights were sold more than TV for 2023-27
  • Virat Kohli continues to be the most popular player in IPL 2022 for 3rd time in a row. The top 3 player spot has been the same for the last 3 years with Virat, Dhoni and Rohit on the leader board
  • Amongst the advertisers, Vi continues to lead the advertiser leader board by being the buzziest brand around IPL 2022 fourth time in a row. The ‘Fan of the match’ campaign has become a critical engagement event for the audience.  ‘Tata’ the title sponsor garnered the second spot this season followed by Vivo, Dream 11 and Unacademy
  • IPL has been associated with the super bowl of India and is the time of the year when advertisers create engaging ads to make an impact with the audience. According to our technology partner Intuition Intelligence (Viral analytics and Insights provider), Creds had the top 2 most viral ads  #Credbounty this season. The nostalgia of the 90s content theme was the driving factor for the success. This was followed by Cadbury 5 Star #DoNothingLegend ad integrating humour around 3rd umpire in cricket.

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