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Kids Voice Their Pandemic Ordeals in Voot’s #UnmuteTheKids Campaign

MediaInfoline November 13, 2020

The pandemic has halted everything. Not just the economy but the care-free life of kids who used to roam the streets, play with their friends, share their tiffins in the classroom as they went to school. In the past 8 months, all this has stopped, making the kids glued to a screen to go to school and to meet their friends. 

As online classes replace classrooms, educational platforms like Voot has become the new go-to solution. But the company has realized the burden on online classes which robs the masti of classroom fun and banter. 

So, Voot Kids, India’s first and only multi-format kids’ app, accredited by the Early Childhood Association, has launched a new initiative this Children’s Day which will give them back their voices.

Giving A Platform To Kid Voices

With Voot’s #UnmuteTheKids campaign, kids can say whatever they want to, voicing their needs in the new normal. With the tag line “Ab bachhe batayenge, bacchon ka new normal” set to bring a massive change as it brings kids issues to center stage. 

Speaking on the campaign, Vigyeta Agrawal, Head – Marketing at Viacom18 Digital Ventures said, “This year has been full of disruption for the kids and we wanted to give them an outlet to voice their side of the story. #UnmutetheKids is our endeavor to bring this conversation mainstream and we will keep building momentum on this, throughout the year via multiple initiatives.”

Films That Show the Kids Point of View

The campaign begins with some light-hearted brand films showcasing the child’s view, painting a picture of their world. Each film is thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the new normal and the innocence of kids. Starting from November 14th, the philosophy of unmuting kids, empowering them, bringing their stories forward, and infusing masti mein acchai in their lives, will be continued through the year with numerous initiatives. 

The first brand film in the #UnmuteTheKids series chronicles a kid’s struggle of eating tasteless Dal cooked by his father during this pandemic. In the film, Aryan does a hunger strike as he stands with a placard that says, ‘Aryan’s Bhook Hartal’ revolting against the ‘paani wali daal’ cooked by his father, sharing the message of ‘Ab Hum Bolenge’. 

In the second film of the series, a young girl revolts against the locked parks and playgrounds as she remains confined to her home. By the time the series reaches the 3rd film, the pandemic struggle gets quite serious as visible with the kid who has to keep quiet even at home due to his mother’s work from home schedule. 

Parents are encouraged to participate in the #UnmuteTheKids campaign by sending videos or pictures of their kids voicing their opinion on Twitter. The messages shared will be showcased on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They would be also shown on TV  with high impact influencers-led communication that makes a clarion call to #UnmuteTheKids.


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