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MTV brings a quirky brand film reminding “Using Plastic is Crime”

Shreoshree Chakrabarty April 21, 2021

Statutory Warning!

Plastic is injurious to health, aur iska prayog aapko beemar, bohot beemar bana sakta hai!

The global concern of plastic pollution refuses to cease. The current scenario and the glaring statistics around the world are a constant reminder of the crime we’re committing on Mother Earth, and the clock is ticking faster than ever! While we continue to stay at home and fight against the pandemic, let’s do our bit to save the environment and not make way for another one. MTV brings a quirky brand film this World Earth Day and it reminds us that “Using Plastic is Crime” and it’s high time we take the onus to save our planet!

The brand film begins in a setting of a potential crime scene, with its tongue-in-cheek representation, where a masked killer is all set to choke a man with a piece of plastic. In the next scene, the police arrives and to the much surprise of the victim and the killer, the conversation leads to the Policeman reprimanding the killer on the careless use of plastic. Showcasing the usage of plastic as a grave crime, the representation in the film draws a bold parallel and leaves the viewers with a stark reminder of the same.

So, this World Earth Day, let’s say no to plastics, the MTV way!

Catch the film here.

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